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Creating paintings without canvas and brushes is like playing a computer game. Move forward, sideways, and then forward again, and what’s there around the corner? It feels like walking around a new Universe and choosing your stops and taking a screen-shot of where you are. Except this Universe is born right under your fingertips and one can change it at will.

There are two distinct approaches in Nikolay’s work. In one of them, he creates landscapes depicting Russian nature, but a nature altered through the painter’s perspective. It is unified with a balance of composition, color, light and shadow and comprised of painter’s photographic themes.

His second approach is creating the landscapes of other worlds and it is impossible for one to guess where these worlds could exist. These worlds are inhabited by strange physical constants, unknown civilizations and life forms. Thus, the unfamiliar configurations, different geometries, mind-boggling colors and fantasmogoria of shadow and light. In this genre, the painter has limitless possibilities of self-expression to depict images that surface on the subconscious level. These themes are not tangible and concrete and the viewer is bound only by his or her own imagination in what they see.


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