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Nikolay Bode

Nickolay Bode is a contemporary painter from Moscow, formerly a professional photographer. He started his professional career in 1972. Nickolay graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University with a degree in journalism. He has worked as a photojournalist for a number of publishing houses, such as “Progress”, “Intourist”, “Vneshtorgizdat” as well as foreign language publications, such as “Centrosoyus Review” and others . In 1987 he joined The Union of Graphic Artists of the USSR. He is a member of The Union of Moscow Journalists and the social fund “International Art Fund”.

In the eighties, Nickolay developed his own unique technique of synthesis of photography and painting and the first paintings using that technique were born. His first exhibition took place in Moscow in 1993. Most of the paintings of that period went to private collections.

These days, Nickolay utilizes the latest digital technology to create his work. This is how Nickolay explains the transition to digital technology: “In the mid-nineties, I had to sell my paintings, and I felt really bad parting with them, as each painting was unique and it was impossible to recreate it. It’s the same as with live music or a theater production - each performance is unique. Digital technology, on the other hand, enables me to hold on to my work and to create paintings that can be reproduced for everyone, like a movie or a really good studio recording.”

There is one important trait in Nickolay’s work. All of his paintings, first created on computer, continue to live and evolve akin to living beings. The artist can tweak things at any time, by changing, adding or totally transforming his art. Thus, a new version or a completely new painting is created, but all versions are saved. Such is the dynamics of Nickolay Bode’s art.



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